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Text and photos:  Yuri Lemmy



    I visited on May these interesting places. Enduro — as a paradise. In my humble opinion one of those places where it was possible to visit most noteworthy:  
    1.Urochische Tuzbair… Located right next to the descent from the escarpment on the road Beineu-Aktau. You can also go down very down and walk along the escarpment of litter touchline. The descent is approximately 17 km from the escarpment, but also from above to drive very worth it — there are many picturesque chalk canyons and so on. 
  2.Urochische Bosgiraud… In the vicinity of Uzen draw tracks in Google besmyslenno — oil-bearing fields fenced kilometers of fences, and poles packed with places directly in the asphalt)))) Therefore, go straight on practical grader at Becket-Ata (it was full of pointers), before reaching the meter 400 km to the column with the number 81 on the right is a healthy metal tripod, it dives under the track and leads to the descent of the escarpment — you there.



    It is also very pleasant to drive on the edge of the sea — the desert after the fresh sea air is very invigorating, though on the coast is full of snakes — be careful. The rest of the sights in my view are secondary. It is necessary to have a supply of gasoline per 400 km and running water. The settlements have normal shops and all the products can be purchased on the spot.



    The Beineu is a wonderful man — uncle Lesha, former krosmen. Meets-provazhaet all travelers. He can stay there stations and equipment for mounting, parking, room for the night and cafe. All truth is quite spartan. Phone is on Kazakh motoforume. 

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