Rolling Anarchy MCC

15-17 February Winter motoslet Samovar Trefil 2013

Rolling Anarchy MCC and the Union Mototuristov Russia.

Winter is motoslet Samovar Trefil 2013  
Dates February 15-16-17
Location: Tula region, Venev district, p. Gritsovo Gryzlovsky cut ..  
Format - tent, by arrangement - camping  
competitive part -gonka - pursuit kolyasychah on alone. At night covering- ice.
Cost: Motorcycles - 100 rubles.
Any competitor, regardless of gender - 100 rubles.
Parking cars - 500 rubles.
Firewood - to be confirmed.
Straw - to be confirmed.
At the venue only accessible by bike or on foot. At the venue, there will be nothing (except a huge samovar with boiling water), all carry with them, especially shovel.
Parking is located 3 km from the camp.
Who wishes to have large tents or other camping equipment in the campground area by car, do so not later than 10 am Friday by prior agreement.
We repeat, the gathering zone - a place free from cars, snowmobiles and quadrics. MOTORCYCLES ONLY !!!

Dmitry Balayev (Deamon RAMCC) + 7-925-792-01-81
Gennady Zavalska (Baltika RAMCC) + 7-925-867-24-82  
Alexander Utkin (Chukchi RAMCC) + 7-920-770-66-77