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Motoslot "Winter 2013" on January 25-27, 2013

Motoslot "Winter 2013"
Dear bikers, 25-27 January 2013goda on the territory of a friendly tour. Base "High Coast", Minsk region, Belarus-held motoslot "Winter 2013".
The program of the gathering: competitions, performance of the group "Motor", fireworks, warm fellowship, mulled wine, barbecue, cold and the joy of fellowship around the campfire in nature. Biker Santa Claus will not be bored.
We are giving away a bunch of prizes in the most obscure competitions and nominations.
For those who want to measure themselves and their own technique stamina track it will be offered. Races are held on time, you will go for fun. The track is not long, but challenging. In the event of failure or inability to cling to the winch, the evacuation is guaranteed.
Soaked and frozen to take a warm and comfortable accommodation, hot water, shower and breakfast. The organization of 3 meals a day upon request. Working room and a sauna (book your time in advance).
In the residential housing will operate a restaurant and a cafe. In a clearing point of catering will work with home cooking and organized the sale of souvenirs: badges, metal. icons, bike hoodies.
The cost is about:
Icon $ -10. Ribbon $ 5. Bike $ 35-40. Will flasks, mugs, motoatributika.
Also, you can bring barbecue with him and treat everyone passing by his barbecue and cognac.
On the territory of the rally will not let cars! For this will be a special parking. Entry only for motorcycles!
Beginning on Friday, 19-00. Well, how or who will open ...
The detailed program and registration alkobonus-on.
The rally, which brings together friends!
FREE entrance to the rally.
How to get there:
On the M1 (Moscow-Brest), about 70 km from Minsk, in the direction of Brest, the city Columns. In all the congresses will be pointers.
Organizer Rolling Anarchy MCC.
Additional .informatsiya - tel. +375 29 6532477 Alexander (Trike)  
Reservation of property .- tel + 375 29 3829940 Andrew