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SOS! Our riders are detained in Iraq !!!

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dramatically changed the situation of detainees in Iraq, Russian motoputeshestvennikami!

20th May 2012 in Iraq were detained by the Iraqi authorities, four Russian citizens:
a trap Oleg Hamzyaevich
Vardanyants Alexander
Maksimov Oleg I.
Ignatiev Maksim Aleksandrovich

They are kept in the prison at the military base in Baghdad. Location coordinates: 33.332062 44.347078 Rashid Ali Al Gilani St , Baghdad, Iraq

The fact of detention were Russian citizens and the place of detention immediately made aware of the Russian Federation Embassy in Baghdad.
All this time, friends, family and media representatives talked with the head of the consular department of the Russian Embassy in Iraq Jamshed Boltaeva.
The evening of May 22, it was reported by the news service of one of the Russian TV channels that the detained Russian motoputeshestvennikov taken to the machines to Turkey. This information was not confirmed.
Yesterday, May 23 received the information from the Embassy of the Russian Federation that were released at five o'clock local time and that the consul leaves them. This information was reported by Mr. talked like friends and journalists of TV channel, and we were asked not to spread. Of the detainees received a message that they are once again being questioned. Intelligible explanation for this fact by the Russian Embassy in Iraq, we have not got. From talking to journalists of TV channel Mr. Boltaev avoided.

On the night of 24 of May of detainees motoputeshestvennikov message arrived: Sos! We were accused of spying face death penalty and beat the charge of forgery of visas.

For all time Russian citizens detained in Iraq, representatives of the Russian consulate did not vstetilis with them, did not have legal assistance, all the interrogations take place without the participation of the Russian consul.

We appeal to all who can help in the liberation of our fellow citizens in Iraq!

Information about the arrest and the details of the early days: